Amigo Optima has partnered with digitalendpointâ„¢ to bring you KnowIT
the world's first Cloud based employee monitoring software for business 

What are you doing to prevent insider theft?

According to the 2015 Verizon Data Investigation Breach Report (DIBR), insider theft increased by a massive 200% since 2011. KnowIT gives you the tools to manage this, because you can't expect what you don't inspect!

KnowIT is a cloud based employee monitoring system that allows organizations to see exactly what their employees are doing on company devices and calculates how productive they are based on the applications they use, websites they visit and their attendance levels.
KnowIT works with PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android - without needing any new hardware or IT training, yet provides all the features expected of an Enterprise grade solution.
KnowIT was recently featured in the 2015 World Security Report
The World Security Report is a quarterly e-news service distributed to 39,000 organizations globally. It tracks the full range of problems and threats faced by today’s corporations, governments, security forces and civilian services and looks at how they are dealing with them.
KnowIT protects organizations from insider threats, improves productivity and offers a platform from which to build systems that comply with almost any legal, security or business requirement.
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