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Quality World Wide Airborne Sensors
MetaSensing airborne SAR sensors are completely independent, compact and portable systems which allow carrying out accurate aerial mapping surveys by employing small, readily available and inexpensive aircraft, cutting down the campaign operational costs.

Over the last years MetaSensing has developed several Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems operating at different frequencies bands, including P-, L-, C-, X- and Ku-band. Sensors operating at more than one frequency are also possible: an example is the MetaSensing SnowSAR, both Ku- and X-band. Our radars have been widely operated around the world on board many different aerial platforms for airborne mapping campaigns.

Because of their peculiar characteristics, such as compactness and low power consumption, MetaSensing sensors are optimal also, but not only, for small aircraft platforms, like the Cessna 172, or even UAV. The complete radar system, including sensors and antennae, can be installed directly inside the fuselage, without making any change to the aerodynamic or structure of the plane, often a costly and time-consuming procedure. MetaSensing sensors adapt to the needs of the customers in a cost-effective way, offering quality world wide airborne mapping services at different frequency bands.


Quality radar performance and flexible system characteristics

MetaSensing MiniSAR (Mini Synthetic Aperture Radar) system is a compact radar sensor that combines high quality radar performance and flexible system characteristics. It is the result of several years of experience at MetaSensing in creating and developing SAR system solutions.

The MiniSAR system provides high reliability in terms of hardware components and advanced SAR processing, with superior quality images. The sensor operates at X-band and can be mounted on a wide range of moving platforms, delivering High Resolution Imaging (HRI) and Moving Target Indication (MTI) capability that permits all-weather airborne observation and surveillance.
P-band sensor

The P-band sensor is capable of  acquiring information of scenarios not easily accessible by other technologies. In fact the long P-band wavelength is suitable for applications requiring high penetration capabilities, i.e. detection and imaging under sand and vegetation.

MetaSensing P-band radar sensor is extremely valuable for all those operations which can be risky and expensive when realized with traditional methods: landmine detection and area surveys, in order to detect illegal or suspicious operators under dense foliage. But not only, Digital Terrain Models (DTM) of forested areas and biomass estimation are also examples of the wide range of applications suitable for the MetaSensing P-band sensor.
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