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SPECIM's AISA systems are ruggedised spectral imaging solutions dedicated to airborne and defence usage, covering VNIR (380-1 000 nm,), SWIR (1 000-2 500 nm) and thermal LWIR (7.6 – 12.4 um) spectral ranges. The sensors' unbeatable performance has established AISA as a market leader in the airborne hyperspectral industry and close to 100 systems have been delivered worldwide.

The unmatched combination of the highest reliability and performance with least size and weight have made AISA sensors the tools of choice for renowned research institutions, commercial enterprises and defence organizations for their demanding remote sensing applications. SPECIM provides complete systems ready to be installed and operated onboard all types of fixed- or rotary wing as well as manned or unmanned airborne platforms.
Introduction to Hyperspectral imaging in Remote Sensing
Remote sensing typically refers to the aerial collection of ground information for object classification and recognition. One of the most advanced remote sensing technologies, hyperspectral imagery is used to provide invaluable geological, environmental, and intelligence data. SPECIM AISA systems produce high quality hyperspectral images, where every single measured spectrum has precise, calibrated ground coordinates.

An AISA Airborne Hyperspectral System is an elaborate integration of high quality, thoroughly tested components. For example, georeferencing accuracy is crucial in all aerial applications. For this purpose, a GPS is used to provide positions while an Inertial Navigation System, INS is used to provide the orientation. The initial trajectory (velocity, position and attitude) is obtained by integrating the output of the inertial sensors i.e. accelerometer specific forces and gyro angular rates.
SPECIM AISA systems integrate:
High performance hyperspectral imagers  AISA Systems Brochure
GPS / IMU sensor
Data acquisition and power unit with data acquisition software
Mounting options
CaliGeoPro software for radiometric and geometric data pre-processing.
Product Information

Airborne hyperspectral imaging system with the best form factor of the AISA range. Specifically designed for installation onboard manned or unmanned airborne platforms.

SPECIM’s high-performance airborne VNIR pushbroom hyperspectral system in the 400 - 1 000 nm spectral range. AisaEAGLE’s high SNR and temperature stabilized CCD technology makes it the perfect tool when your application requires the highest sensitivity even in low light conditions.

AisaHAWK is the most spectrally stable airborne SWIR hyperspectral sensor in the market today. It is designed to provide high quality data in the SWIR range (970 to 2 500 nm)..

AisaDUAL is a high performance hyperspectral pushbroom sensor system for simultaneous acquisition of VNIR and SWIR data.

AisaFENIX is a robust and compact spectral imager for the most demanding field and airborne installations.

SPECIM’s thermal airborne hyperspectral sensor AisaOWL covers the contiguous spectral range from 8 to 12 μm in 84 channels and has the sensitivity to detect and classify even gases.
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