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Image Analysis
Image Processing

Images with today’s technology can gather enormous amount of information pertaining spectral and spatial domains and thus making it complicated to the end user to extract information which is essential for the specific application he is interested in. Amigo Optima with the Image Processing Engine “Optima” makes it convenient and simplifies the information extraction process and thus provided the useful information in no time.

‘Optima’ along with the modules has the capability to process airborne, space borne and micro wave remote sensing data and provides an option to customize or incorporate external algorithms thus providing the flexibility for an end to end solution.
Object Based Image Analysis

Our solution for Object based Image Analysis (OBIA) offers some distinct advantages for defense and security applications. Rapid mapping and data fusion provide detailed maps of any territory, however remote or unfamiliar. Context-based analysis links object detection with feature extraction. Targets can be detected and put into relation to understand the depicted situation.

Of critical importance is  eCognition's (the true Object based Image Analysis software) capability to utilize, integrate with, or interface to many different sensors and systems. For example, satellite and ground radar systems, vessel monitoring systems using GPS, and many types of airborne remote sensors may provide data that needs to be fused, analyzed, and exported to another system. These capabilities help eCognition deliver world class geospatial analysis capability for defense and security, enabling timely and well-informed decision making.

In addition to the spatial imaging, Image processing techniques in defense applications play a major role in pattern recognition.  It is one of the key techniques which helps the defense personnel to do a target detection process.  In addition hyper spectral imaging is also a key processing for defense applications. Please refer below for details.
Typical Applications
Rapid mapping of unfamiliar territory
Identification and tracking of objects of interest
Unmanned vehicles navigation (atypical, but demonstrated)
Change detection on sensitive facilities
Generation of 3D simulation databases
UAV image processing
Data fusion
Microwave Remote Sensing Data Analysis

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) being an active sensor operates day and night independently of weather conditions, delivering high-resolution images ranging over various frequencies and huge swath. The SAR sensors add an operationally responsive capability to military forces Intelligence gathering, Battlefield reconnaissance, Weapons guidance,Anomaly detection. We provide efficient end to end software solution to work with the all the commercially available Airborne and Space borne SAR sensors.
Security Applications
Network Security Solutions

With years of relevant experience, we bring a proven approach to cyber solutions across federal, commercial and international markets. Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Product and in-house experts deliver breakthrough technology in areas such as information management solutions that incorporate advanced sensors; deep analytics; large, real-time data warehouses; electronic records management; tailored manufacturing for quick reaction capabilities; and intelligence operations support via SOC (Security Operations Center).

SIEM Integrates with 3rd Party Security Product manufacturers and provides suite of Security solutions. We address the following areas:
Risk Management : Get the information you need to make better-informed risk decisions.
Legal : Identify and track compliance, trademark and HR issues.
Marketing/PR : Quickly maximize positive publicity or mitigate negative stories.
Physical Security : React immediately to threats against your facilities.
Information Security : Find out if someone has posted vulnerabilities, configuration files, etc.
Some of the Security Solutions we provide are following :
Data Loss Prevention
Database Security
Digital Forensics
Wireless Security
Email Security
Lawful Interception
Web Security
Secure DNS
Vulnerability & Patch Management
Mobile Security
Airborne Systems
Amigo Optima with global partnership with the world leaders offers comprehensive aerial solutions ranging fromthe high speed large and medium format cameras for a variety of mapping and surveillance needs. Also our hyperspectral solution for the defense enables detection of camouflage objects, landmines apart from various applications of analysis and decision making.
Unmanned Aerial systems
Large/Medium Format Mapping Cameras
Hyper-spectral Cameras
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