The eCognition Competition
How GeoSpatial are You?
Trimble in association with Amigo Optima brings the opportunity to unleash your capabilities in geospatial technologies and show the world what is beyond conventional geospatial methodologies.

While remote sensing has made enormous progress over recent years and a variety of sensors now deliver medium and high resolution data on an operational basis, a vast majority of applications still rely on basic image processing concepts developed in the early 70s: classification of single pixels in a multi-dimensional feature space. Using spatial concepts and in combination with the algorithms it is proven that much more information can be extracted from the available data. With the advent of high-resolution satellite imagery, the increasing use of airborne digital data and radar data the need for context-based and object-oriented image processing is increasing. In a case study, ‘traditional’ pixel based classification methods and context-based classification methods are compared. Experiences are encouraging and it is hypothesized that object based image analysis will trigger new developments towards full integration of GIS and remote sensing functions.
What you have to do?
Just fill in the form and apply for the participation with the area of your interest. You will be notified by the details of assignment based on your area of interest. Last date for the application is 17th Nov 2014.

Example :
  • Oceanography – Marine and Riparian, Protection and conservation, Study and monitor ecosystems, Manage harbour & boarders, Respond to disasters etc
  • Forestry – Change detection, Change map creation, Species Classification, Tree Clown delineation, Trees outside of Forest, Quantify canopies and biomass etc.
  • Urban – Building extraction, Plan infrastructure, Assess property, Road Extraction etc.
  • Agriculture – Evaluate land use and subsidy claims, Biophysical Factors, Discrimination betweenAgricultureand similar land cover types etc.
  • Defence – Identification and tracking of objects of interest, Rapid mapping of unfamiliar territory, Change detection on sensitive facilities etc.
Which data can be used?
Any or combination of Optical, Multispectral, Hyperspectral, SAR, Vectors, LIDAR, ASCII files etc. meaning data no restriction.
Who can apply?
Geospatial Enthusiastsfrom across the verticals of Academic, Forestry, Agriculture, Defense, Marine, Municipalities etc.
What is in for you?
Meet the like minds, expand your reach, know the potential and of course win exiting prizes.
Who will evaluate?
Scientists from ISRO, Experts for the industry, Professors from the universities
About Trimble eCognition
eCognition Developer is a powerful development environment for object-based image analysis. It is used in earth sciences to develop rule sets (or applications for eCognition Architect) for the automatic analysis of remote sensing data.eCognition sets new standards in automated image analysis. Its comprehensive possibilities and the almost unlimited usability of object properties as well as the combination of processes offer numerous new options for intelligent image understanding. It is a fact that eCognition is a significant step in analyzing and understanding complex image content.
Application Form
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