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eCognition Server software provides a processing environment for batch execution of image analysis jobs.
Based on a specialized grid architecture designed specifically for large-scale image analysis projects, the eCognition Server can automatically process thousands of images and perform detailed analyses in a single, fully automated run.
Features & Benefits
Automatic processing of large datasets
Comprehensive set of administration tools
Smooth workflow embedding using the Application Programming Interface
Automatic processing of large datasets

eCognition Server can automatically analyze large scenes as well as large quantities of data. By applying automatic tiling and stitching methods, processing of very large datasets is made possible. By adding additional server engines, processing time can be drastically reduced.

Comprehensive set of administration tools

eCognition Server comes with a set of administration and monitoring tools designed to make setup and use easier and more efficient. The administration console is an easy to use web-based administration tool that allows the centralized management of the eCognition Server environment. In addition, a convenient HTML-based status monitor provides a comprehensive overview of all jobs being processed with details on each individual job, engines in use, and overall workload.

Smooth workflow Embedding

The included Application Programming Interface (API) allows eCognition Server  to be embedded into existing workflows. Using the Automation API, the system can be set up in a way that all steps from generation of workspaces to data submission and status monitoring can be triggered by 3rd party software.
How it works
eCognition Server is a software component which is typically run on dedicated server hardware. eCognition Developer or eCognition Architect users submit a workspace containing multiple projects to eCognition Server, which automatically process all submitted data in batch mode.
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