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FastGBSAR – the state of the art in ground based SAR for deformation and infrastructure monitoring 

Based on its innovative proprietary technology, MetaSensing has introduced a novel ground based sensor for monitoring deformation and vibration of unstable natural elements (landslides, open-pit mines) and critical manmade structures (buildings, dams, towers, bridges): the Fast Ground Based Synthetic Aperture Radar (FastGBSAR).

The FastGBSAR is a non-invasive remote sensing instrument for continuous deformation monitoring of large areas. Thanks to its unique design, the sensor is compact, easy-to-install  and can operate even in harsh working conditions (cold/hot temperatures, rain, fog, dust, smoke, ash).

A FastGBSAR data acquisition can be performed in less than 5 seconds, overcoming the limitation of similar commercial systems on the market, i.e. the low temporal coherence due to local atmospheric variations. A high spatial resolution (0.5 to 0.75 m in range, 4.5 mrad in cross-range) and a sub-millimeter deformation accuracy of the observed scenario is possible even from a few kilometers distance without the need of an in-situ operator.

MetaSensing sensors are fully customizable and also the FastGBSAR can be modified according to the customer’s requirement: the sensor is available in standard, interferometric or polarimetric setup and different kinds of antenna can be purchased on request. The FastGBSAR can be used both in SAR and RAR mode, which makes this sensor a very convenient and versatile solution.

For more information please check the brochures on the left or read about FastGBSAR projects illustrated in the MetaSensing news:
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