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MetaSensing provides both airborne and ground based sensors which can be fully customized in order to satisfy the customers’ needs. The wide range of frequency bands adopted, including P-, L-, C-, X-, Ku- and a new Ka-band soon available, permitted to develop radar sensors for the most diverse applications: from Structure Monitoring to Oil Spill Detection, from Ship Tracking to Precipitation Monitoring.

MetaSensing airborne SAR sensors are completely independent, compact and portable systems which allow accurate aerial mapping surveys by employing small, readily available and inexpensive aircraft, cutting down the campaign operational costs.

The company applied the knowledge gathered in many years in the field of airborne SAR mapping also to ground based sensors, providing cost-effective and compact systems suitable for different applications: from structure monitoring to currents and sea waves observation but also weather radars which are specifically designed for urban areas.

MetaSensing provides also services, such as data final processing, in order to supply the final user with completely integrated solutions.
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