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Often a continuous monitoring of critical environment is needed.
Terrain and structures stability, precipitation and sea currents have become of main interest for MetaSensing which developed compact and portable monitoring sensors in order to provide the final customer with accurate and high-resolution information.

The Pluvian is a FM-CW X-band radar for precipitation measurements which, thanks for its unique features, can be installed in the heart of the city providing accurate rainfall estimation.

The SeaWave radar is MetaSensing contribution to safety at sea, in fact this sensor can continuously monitor currents and sea waves.

Among the monitoring systems provided there is also the FastGBSAR, a ground based sensor for monitoring unstable natural elements and critical artificial structures, such as dams, towers, landslides, glaciers and unstable slopes in open pit mines.

MetaSensing sensors are extremely versatile: their features are customizable to match the most diverse requirements and,  because of the light-weight and reduced size, can be installed on different platforms.

Monitoring clouds and precipitation

The Pluvian weather radar is MetaSensing high resolution Polarimetric Doppler FM-CW sensor with transmitted power of few Watts, based on the experience gathered in the field of the airborne and ground based surveillance radars.

This sensor presents unique features compared to the existing weather radars: the narrow antenna beam, the high resolution and the fully polarimetric characteristics of this sensor improve the hydrometeors categorization and the clutter suppression, resulting in accurate rainfall estimation.

The Pluvian is especially suitable to be installed in the heart of the city and represents an important source of information for the urban water management authorities, which can now reduce the response time to extreme weather events and prevent pluvial flood damages, i.e. collapsing of the urban drainage system.


Measuring sea wave height and speed with radar

Because of its inherent advantages over other technologies, the radar is a fundamental component for safety at sea and near the shore. Safety in ship navigation demands for accurate and reliable detection instruments also in low visibility conditions (night, fog, etc.)

Nowadays radar systems are more and more used for applications like coastal defense and flood warning, harbor management and ship guidance. MetaSensing contribution to safety at sea is the SeaWave radar.

Particularly for continuous monitoring of sea waves and currents, MetaSensing has introduced the SeaWave radar, a sub-meter resolution FMCW X-band radar with 0.1 m/s wave velocity resolution and coverage up to 1 kilometer. MetaSensing’s SeaWave radar is a compact and light sensor and can be easily mounted on different platforms like oil platforms and off-shore wind parks. Real-time information is provided through  RS232 or ethernet link for a convenient remote operation with the provided user-friendly software.
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