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With the improved access to the data, the geospatial technology is growing at a rapid pace leaving many options to explore. One of the primary criteria’s is to address is the need custom solutions specific to ones requirements. While there are many applications and utilities already available, it becomes very essential that solution becomes a value addition to research or learning in a cost effective manner. It is observed and many are of the opinion that the scientific/research tools available are too exhaustive with a learning curve involved and does not come for a price one would need.

Hence the need of the hour is to present a solution which can be custom tuned/developed keeping the minimum learning curve at an affordable price.

Amigo Optima with its strong Geospatial background is introducing its indigenously built GIS and Image Processing utility ‘Optima Integrated GIS System’ with the unique concept of building custom utilities / incorporating the proprietary algorithms into the software and providing seamless workflow in creating end to end solutions. With the integration of various functionalities in the system, Optima has ready to meet all your organization needs ranging from GIS, Web GIS, Image Processing, Hyperspectral, SAR, Vehicle Tracking, Image Storage and Retrieval etc
Unique Features
1 . Domain
GIS Software
Remote Sensing Software
Hyperspectral Processing Software
SAR Data Processing Software
Vehicle Tracking
Image Storage and Retrieval
2. Value Proposition
Basic and Advanced Image Processing and GIS Tool
Scientific Analysis Tool
Completely Indigenously developed
Extensively developed in C++
Available on Linux/Windows
Independent Libraries
Add-ons for Advanced Processing
Easy Learning Curve
Block wise processing
Custom Development
Provision for Integrating algorithms
Support and Training by original developers.
3. Fields
4. Others
Easy to use
Layer based Layout
Enhancements & Filters
On the fly projection
Classification tools
Topological Editing
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