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At Amigo Optima, with the professional expertise we provide quality corporate trainings and workshops using advanced softwares in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS, Mobile Application development and Mathematical computation. Some of our offerings are as below.
1. Photogrammetry – Inpho and DATEM
Aerial Triangulation
Bundle Block Adjustment
Camera Calibration
Orthophoto Mosaicking
Point Clouds from Images
Surface & Terrain Extraction
Stereo Feature Collection
Point Cloud Filtering, Visualization & Editing
DTM Extension
2. eCognition – Object Based Image Analysis
Tools and Functionality I
Introduction to OBIA (Object Based Image Analysis)
Loading and viewing data
Introduction to “Processes”
Segmentation: creating image objects
Image objects - the information carriers
Basic classification; classify using context information: Feature ‘Relative border to class’
Sample based classification with Nearest Neighbor classifier
Merge objects; export results
iImage objects - the information carriers
Tools and Functionality II
Using customized features for classification
Classification using fuzzy membership functions – enhance transferability
Semantic relationship and inheritance
Refinement of classification using algorithms “find enclosed by” and “ remove objects”
Manual image object editing
Tools and Functionality III
Reusing and documenting Rule Sets
Manual editing of thematic shape files
Working with thematic shape files
Creating multiple levels with ‘multiresolution segmentation’
Classifying within several levels
Review results with ‘Image Object Table’
3. SAR Data processing – GAMMA Remote sensing software
Modular SAR Processor
InSAR and DinSAR SAR Processing
Application Tools
4. Mathematica
5. Mobile Apps – iOS and Android
6. Proactive Cybersecurity Solutions

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