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MATCH-AT provides highly precise automatic digital aerial triangulation based on the advanced and unique image processing algorithms by inpho. MATCH-AT is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system which comes now with its new core ApplicationsMaster.

All the processing steps of MATCH-AT are fully automated for achieving highest productivity. The workflow is logical and easy from the project setup, over the precise tie point matching and integrated bundle adjustment, to the block analyzing with excellent graphical support.

An optional MATCH-AT Stereo module is available, too, for stereoscopic verification and measurement of control points and additional tie points.

Due to its flexible data exchange capability MATCH-AT easily integrates into the workflow of any third-party photogrammetric system.
 Match AT Brochure"Match AT has been such a very welcome and effective tool for us.
I would like to think of it as "Kucera's little secret"." Kucera International
Inc., Willoughby, Ohio, USA
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