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 UltraScan BrochureUltraScan 5000 from Vexcel is inpho's high precision 
photoscanner for digitizing traditional aerial imagery.
UltraScan 5000 offers well-proven scanning power at a reasonable cost. The scanner was designed by photogrammetrists for photogrammetrists, combining advanced technical design with long-term practice from real production world.

UltraScan 5000 offers a scanning capability of uncompromising quality. Using a push-broom linear array approach and an integral selfcalibration procedure, it provides superior geometric accuracy along with superior radiometric performance and color accuracy.

Its intuitive and easy-to-use system software comprises a sophisticated project management, efficient tools for quality assurance, as well as a variety of tools for general image processing, like image enhancement, gradation curve and histogram manipulations, and more.

UltraScan 5000 also provides a high level of processing automation when configured as robotic scanner with the optional automatic roll film management system "AFR". In this configuration UltraScan 5000 operates in an unattended mode, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If an automatic workflow is not required, but the integrity of uncut rolls of film shall be maintained, UltraScan 5000 can optionally be equipped with the manual roll-film unit "MFR".

" The UltraScan 5000 has always been a steadfast and reliable tool in our image processing. It has enabled The Mapping Place to build up and maintain a reputation for reliable delivery of high quality scanned images..."

The Mapping Place, UK
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