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DroneMetrex Pty Ltd is a company specialising in the autonomous data acquisition, near real-time data feeds, and accurate survey and photogrammetric mapping information services from “Drones”. This provides alternative solutions to costly data acquired from aircraft or similar airborne and/or vehicular platforms over areas that are not economically justified to be captured by such large aircraft, or may be difficult and/or dangerous for “manned” aircrafts or vehicles or ground survey teams. With our TopoDrone UAV’s, we can confidently claim that we are producing truly accurate mapping data – the most accurate mapping data from a commercial UAV system in the world! 25mm accuracy – reliably, repeatedly, accurately.
TopoDrone is a drone mapping system developed in-house and built by DroneMetrex. This complex technological system comprises :
An aerial pilotless platform – drone;
IMU/GPS system;
"Active" Gimbal camera mount;
Mapping camera;
Video camera
The system is unique and does not have any analogues in the world!

Whereas the scope of capabilities of other drones are limited to surveillance, security and patrol, only TopoDrones are a powerful mapping tool that is designed for regular, repetitive, rapid and accurate mapping data for the industries, e.g. the regular volumes of stockpiles on open-cut mining sites or rubbish dump sites.
Why is it "a unique system" as opposed to other UAVs?
TopoDrones are operated on the fully autonomous basis, they capture high resolution data using pre-programmed, autonomous flights;
Our mapping systems are equipped with IMU/GPS system which makes ground control points redundant;
Control circuit board goes with our own IP software to plan fully autonomous missions, control the flights, and store high accurate data in secure format;
ONLY TopoDrones have "ACTIVE" GIMBAL CAMERA MOUNT, software controlled for active counter-movement compensation of the drone airframe tip, tilt, yaw movements!
TopoDrones carry latest-model metric and calibrated camera systems
Our metric cameras can have 4-BAND digital sensors, which simultaneously capture a near infrared fourth band in addition to standard RGB, PAN, and CIR bands;
We are able to provide camera calibration databased on verified field calibration reports.
Why are TopoDrones the most effective solution for your business? Key advantages
It is the only low-cost yet the most reliable solution for regular, repetitive, rapid accurate mapping data;
Light weight requires minimum security or flying clearances;
Significant reduction in OH&S issues and risks because TopoDrones can be launched and landed “off-site” where currently engineers, surveyors, technicians need to be “on-site” such as open cut mines, quarries, refuse stocks, blue-green algae blooms, post bushfire damage mapping for insurance companies etc.

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The true helicopter view is brought to you by Luxcopter. Luxcopter’s first unmanned helicopter is the Mitron, the Rolls Royce under the unmanned helicopters. The Mitron is able to take up to 30 kg of payload for at least one hour flight time. You tell us your purpose of flying and we will integrate the cameras and sensors. We will train you to fly and learn you to get the best results out of your investment.
elecpowerlines Power Line Inspection
For inspections of power lines the Mitron is at least as flexible as a manned helicopter. Moreover it does not pose the crew to security risks of high voltage. The Mitron’s operational costs are a quarter of those of manned helicopters. And the Mitron does not waste money by flying to the power lines. The Mitron is transported gently in a van, which at the same time is its mobile pilot station.

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pipe-line-icon Pipe Line Inspection
For pipe lines the Mitron is an ideal option to replace boring work. A manned crew on board a helicopter might make mistakes. During a long time there might be no detection of hazards. The crew can loose attention and takes unnecessary risks. Moreover the Mitron is up to four times less expensive than a manned helicopter. And the Mitron does not waste money by flying to the pipe lines.

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flare Flare Tip Inspection
For flare tip inspection the Mitron is beyond any alternative. With the Mitron the plant keeps operating and the Mitron shows the condition of flare stacks and chimney in real time. We have experience with flare tip and stack inspection for several years with Air Liquide, Basell, BP, DOW Chemicals, Kuwait Petroleum Europoort, Nerefco, Sabic, Shell, and Total Fina.

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200px-gunnmap icon.svg Situational Awareness
Emergency services are highly dependent on accurate information of the disaster site. Maps and GPS maps are often not up to date and due to the disaster, roads can be blocked or unsafe to use. The Mitron is fast deployable to have this situational awareness available to the disaster coordinator. The pilot station can easily be integrated in a larger command vehicle.

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