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Since the launch of the first UltraCam model—the UltraCamD—Vexcel Imaging has continued to enhance the product, resulting in the releases of the UltraCam Eagle “ultra-large” photogrammetric digital aerial camera system, the newly released UltraCam Osprey, as well as the UltraCam Falcon and UltraCam Hawk. With the advent of the UltraCam Osprey, UltraCam Eagle, UltraCam Falcon and UltraCam Hawk, our innovation path has brought to market exceptional system integration, with all system components located in the sensor heads. This includes computing units, solid state storage devices, and our UltraNav direct geo-referencing and flight management system. UltraCam systems are complemented by the UltraMap v3 photogrammetric workflow software that allows UltraCam customers to generate radiometrically-corrected and color-balanced Level 3 imagery (in TIFF or JPEG), high-density point clouds, digital surface models, and DSM/DTM -derived orthophotos. Additionally, UltraCam systems are also highly compatible with third-party software systems, IMU/GPS/FMS products, and camera mounts. Meanwhile, Microsoft also offers its UltraMount-branded line of OEM GSM gyro-stabilized mounts.


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UltraCam Falcon
The new Microsoft UltraCam Falcon digital photogrammetric camera system fills the gap between the UltraCamLp and the ultra-large UltraCam Eagle on the continuum of image footprint and price. With the introduction of the UltraCam Falcon, Microsoft continues to add products to its camera line that maximize customer benefits with sensor systems that provide unique features and capabilities at varying price points. Like all UltraCam systems, the UltraCam Falcon was designed with the different needs of aerial camera users in mind, such as varying project requirements and budget restrictions.

The UltraCam Falcon provides enhanced flexibility and operational efficiency compared to comparable digital camera technologies in its class. At the time of purchase, customers select from two image footprint sizes and two lens focal lengths, as well as two housing configurations. To meet the evolving needs of the customer data acquisition company, the UltraCam Falcon can be easily upgraded to become an UltraCam Eagle.

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UltraCam Eagle
The Microsoft UltraCam Eagle represents a revolution in digital photogrammetric camera systems and sets new industry standards for digital aerial photography, enabling customers to soar to new heights with their mapping projects. UltraCam Eagle builds on the award-winning UltraCam legacy and reputation; Microsoft has further developed nearly every component of the camera, while still delivering a reliable and economical solution that captures breathtaking images.

UltraCam Eagle introduces a modular housing concept, setting a new standard in component integration, which reduces sensor head size and balances weight. The updated sensor head includes an exchangeable lens system with three lens different focal lengths—a groundbreaking enhancement in digital photogrammetry—and is specifically designed for high-resolution digital aerial photography. UltraCam Eagle also presents filters with curved characteristics and silent-board camera electronics, further ushering in revolutionary aerial photogrammetric technology. Embedded in the integrated component package is UltraNav, a flight management and georeferencing system that includes state-of-the-art GNSS-Inertial technology, pilot displays, and flight-planning software.

The result is an ultra-reliable, ultra-efficient, ultra-large-footprint camera that screams through image acquisitions, captures the smallest details, and enables direct and swift flights that are not limited by technology.

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UltraCam Osprey
A whole new breed of camera, the Microsoft UltraCam Osprey digital photogrammetric camera system combines a high performing photogrammetric nadir camera with oblique capture capability, offering a more versatile dataset than other oblique systems on the market today.

More than a standard photogrammetric camera, the UltraCam Osprey houses two cameras in one photogrammetric grade housing, using cutting edge technology with nadir and oblique wings, serving applications such as cadastre, infrastructure planning, DTMOrtho or DSMOrtho generation. Like all UltraCam systems, the UltraCam Osprey delivers subpixel accuracy, high dynamic range, and integrates all system components in the sensor head including the optional UltraNav direct georeferencing and flight management subsystem, as well as full UltraMap software support.

With best-in-class flight collection efficiency, the UltraCam Osprey is designed so that the full swath width of the nadir cone (11,674 pixel) can be used and wing image overlap is high enough to generate oblique orthos as well as textured DSMs. The UltraCam Osprey is the ideal sensor system for projects such as urban mapping and 3D city modeling.

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UltraCam Hawk
The UltraCam Hawk is Microsoft’s base model of large-format digital aerial camera systems, featuring a 92 mega-pixel (11,704 x 7,920 PAN) image footprint with a 70mm focal length lens, making it ideal for smaller aircraft and local projects that require a rapid response. The system is based on the “third generation” UltraCam architecture that was introduced with the UltraCam Eagle and that is also the underlying technology for the UltraCam Falcon. This architecture provides features and benefits that include:
Housing integrates all system components into a sensor head, including the UltraNav GPS/INS/FMS system. This makes the UltraCam Hawk quick and easy to install and require minimal aircraft space.
In flight exchangeable solid state storage with built-in RAID-like mechanism for upmost data storage reliability.
Advanced electronics for superior frame rate and an excellent 72 dB signal-to-noise ratio for high image dynamic. Details are visible in shadows and bright areas in images.
Fast frame rate enables flexible mission profile and addresses the growing need for increased forward overlap.
With the introduction of the UltraCam Hawk, Microsoft now offers an unparalleled upgrade path through a complete, multi-tiered product line of systems designed to meet varying project requirements and budget restrictions and that can be upgraded to the next system level through retrofit. So, while the UltraCam Hawk provides smaller mapping companies with an affordable option for offering a digital platform and expanding their aerial services, the system can be upgraded as the company’s needs evolve to become an UltraCam Falcon—which can later be upgraded to become an UltraCam Eagle—or directly upgraded to an UltraCam Eagle.

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